Grandchildren of the Revolution

Break out your musty combat boots, don a black beret, and pump your fist to the sky. Revolution is in the air. But if you're having trouble awakening your dormant activist spirit, give it a double shot of revolucion when you go see the exclusive preview screening of The Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution at the Colony Theater on Saturday, followed by a panel discussion with individuals in the film. Directed by Carlos Montaner, the documentary was shot guerrilla-style in Cuba and features the disaffected youth of the island-nation and their "hopes, frustrations, and concerns."

Raices de Esperanza (or Roots of Hope),  a grassroots non-profit dedicated to empowering oppressed youth in Cuba, is sponsoring the screening as part of their Giving Youth a Voice event. The group gained notoriety last year when it broke ranks with some ex-pats and supported Colombian musical artist Juanes's performance in Cuba. Raices helped put that together too. That concert had over 1.2 million in attendance. The New Times also named Raices the Best Grassroots Organization of 2012.

Carlos Montaner: Shot undercover, The Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution goes behind the stuffy ideological mold to find the voices of a new generation that has grown restless, tired of waiting for ideals to bear fruit. For some, it is political; for others, it is simply a desire for life's basics, such as food, better housing, notwithstanding basic technological and social touchstones of their era--internet, freedom to travel abroad, and aspirational attraction to the latest fashion.

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Felice Gorordo: All proceeds of the event will benefit Raices de Esperanza's flagship project, Cell Phones for Cuba, which aims to boost the connectivity of young people on the island. 

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What is the intended message in The Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution?

Carlos Montaner: The film seeks to spread awareness of the struggles of young Cubans on the island, giving them an opportunity to share their hopes, frustrations and concerns. Regardless of their diverse backgrounds, all the young people featured in the film echo a great desire for change in Cuba. The film shows the harsh reality of a generation tired of waiting for change and eager to bring about a better a life for themselves and their families on the island.

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