About Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution


On the initiative of its Swedish member SILC, ENoP hosted the documentary screening of 'Grandchildren of the Cuban revolution'. The film disclosed the viewpoints of the younger Cuban generation on the current political situation in the country, freedom of expression and democracy. The director of the movie, Carlos Montaner, was present at the event and participated in the discussions, following the film.

The Cuban journalist and dissident Osvaldo Alfonso was also present during the screening and the discussions. Among the guests were representatives from the European Parliament, political foundations in Europe, representatives of the political scene in Serbia and film-makers. Due to the high interest towards the movie and the questions raised in it, ENoP plans to screen the movie again in 2011.

The Grandchildren of the Cuban RevolutionSpeaks for Change at the Colony Theater

Break out your musty combat boots, don a black beret, and pump your fist to the sky. Revolution is in the air. But if you're having trouble awakening your dormant activist spirit, give it a double shot of revolucion when you go see the exclusive preview screening of The Grandchildren of the Cuban Revolution at the Colony Theater on Saturday, followed by a panel discussion with individuals in the film. Directed by Carlos Montaner, the documentary was shot guerrilla-style in Cuba and features the disaffected youth of the island-nation and their "hopes, frustrations, and concerns."

Raices de Esperanza (or Roots of Hope),  a grassroots non-profit dedicated to empowering oppressed youth in Cuba, is sponsoring the screening as part of their Giving Youth a Voice event. The group gained notoriety last year when it broke ranks with some ex-pats and supported Colombian musical artist Juanes's performance in Cuba. Raices helped put that together too. That concert had over 1.2 million in attendance. The New Times also named Raices the Best Grassroots Organization of 2012.